About Us

Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping was founded by its namesake, David "Dancin' Dave" Versch, and has been providing accommodations for festival goers since 1998.

David has been attending music festivals since long before then, where he earned his nickname two-stepping with all the pretty ladies. It was from his love of music festivals and encouragement from friends that Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping was born. If you would like to know more about Dave's adventures, check out his blog at http://dancindv.blogspot.com/

Dave and his lovely wife, Lynn; Dave's infamous trailer; Dave's buddy Sam Bush

Although Dancin' Dave himself remains senior fellow emeritus, his friend and co-worker Susan, became sole proprietor of Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping in 2014. This just means Dave still gets to do all the fun stuff, and Susan does all the work! With a background swinging a sledge hammer and setting up the big-top tent for a circus, small tents were a natural transition. Susan has been working and dancing with Dave since 2009 when they met on a festival dance floor.
Susan & Dave after a hard day's work; Susan on the big-top; Cuttin' the rug