Why does it say "Unavailable" when I add a gazebo or shower to my cart?
Please make sure that you have "0" Cots and "0" Sleeping bags selected when trying to add an item other than a tent.

What format do I use for the arrival and departure dates?
Entering mm/dd/yyyy works best.

What if I want a 3-4 cot tent with only 1 or 2 cots so I have more room?
Just select the number of cots you would like. If you select more cots than will fit in your tent, it will say "unavailable". 

What is your cancellation policy?,
Full refunds minus a 5% processing fee are available up to 30 days before the event. 50% refunds will be available up to 14 days before event. Less than 14 days and no-shows can not be refunded. 

What do I need to do to check in? 
This varies from festival to festival. Prior to your arrival, you will receive a final confirmation email with specific instructions. Make sure dancindavesfestivalcamping@gmail.com is approved in your email and doesn't go to your spam folder. If you have questions and/or haven't heard from us, feel free to send an email.

How do I know where my tent is?
Your tent will have your name in the window or door. Prior to each festival, I will send an email with a map of the grounds (if available) and the location of Dancin' Dave's tent village (where applicable).  

What about rain?
Festivals go on, rain or shine. Bring rain boots and a poncho. Your tent will have a waterproof rain fly to keep you plenty dry.

How do I contact someone if I need help during the show?
Most festivals (with the exception of Hippie Jack's) have cell service. You can call Susan at 313-FiveNineFive-1502.

Do you charge a security deposit?
At this time, Dancin' Dave's is happy to have such wonderful customers that a security deposit has not been necessary. Common courtesy and respect is the reason. HOWEVER, if you leave your tent full of garbage or food or ruin gear, YOU will be charged a security deposit for any future bookings. 

Why the new location at LEAF?
The owners of Camp Rockmont property are no longer allowing us to set up next to Eden Hall until Thursday, the day the festival opens to the public, because it damages their grass. It is physically impossible for my crew to do all of this work in one morning. We are also no longer allowed to park our trailer there, which means that we have to move any equipment to that area by tedious truckload while other campers are also trying to unload. Unfortunately, we were not informed of this until we arrived and began our normal setup on Tuesday. This was not a decision made by the festival organizers. They have been sympathetic to our situation and have done everything they can to help us find our beautiful new location.

Why is it so expensive to camp away from the main village?
There are many elements that comprise a Dancin' Dave campsite. For every tent that gets set up away from the main village, we have to unload the trailer and re-pack a truck. Then send a separate setup crew to take care of these remote locations. We are unable to keep an eye on these campsites, and equipment is often stolen once the occupants leave, before we are able to take the site down. 

Do you do private events?
Why yes we do! If you are located in the Middle Tennessee area, our home base, we would be happy to provide tents for your family reunion, wedding, bike race or whatever occasion you might like to have a giant slumber party! Just send us a message with your dates (check our festival schedule first, we only have 1 trailer), and we will get back to you with a custom quote. We will consider travel outside of Tennessee, however additional travel charges will apply.


Keep the questions coming and I'll be glad to answer them here!