Your Gear


We provide Eureka! Sunrise dome tents in 3 sizes. The 2 Person (9' x 9') and 3-4 Person (11' x 11') tents are roomy enough to stand up in. Tents come with cots and will be stocked as listed below. Each cot comes with a sleeping pad. You can add a sleeping bag and travel pillow for $15 per person. Your cot can be substituted for a sleeping pad on the floor. You may also provide your own bedding or air mattress. 

  • 1 Person Tent (8' x 8' x 4'11" high) - Sleeps 1 only on a cot (up to 2 on floor )
  • 2 Person Tent (9' x 9' x 6' high) - Sleeps up to 2 on cots (or 3 on floor) - Most popular tent for 2 adults!
  • 3-4 Person Tent (11' x 11' x 7' high) - Sleeps up to 4 on cots (or 5 on floor)

Every tent we provide comes with the following quality camping gear:

  • Doormat
  • Carpet
  • Cot
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Nightstand
  • Lantern
  • Camp Chair
  • Wash Water Jug (only available upon advance request)
  • Collapsible Cooler (only available upon advance request)


    A 45° sleeping bag and travel pillow are available for the additional cost of $15 per person. Limited number of warmer and child-size bags available upon advance request.

    Add on a shelter with a table, because the show goes on, rain or shine!

    Everything you need to rustle up some grub. Sorry, food and chef not included! 
    • Gazebo
    • Table
    • Propane stove with burner and grill
    • Cookware (non-stick frying pan and pot)
    • Kettle
    • French press
    • Cups and mugs
    • Dishes and utensils for 4
    • Cleaning supplies 
    Solar Shower
    This rental comes with a shower enclosure and solar shower bag. Just leave it in the sun to heat up, or fill it with warm water heated on your stove.